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Opinion | We Have a Crisis of Democracy, Not Manners - The New York Times

Whistleblower Reality Winner, Charged Under the Espionage Act for Helping to Inform Public of Russian Election Meddling, Pleads Guilty

The Ornithologist the Internet Called a Murderer - The New York Times

Anthony Bourdain and the Power of Telling the Truth | The New Yorker

Moses Farrow: A son speaks out

Moses Farrow accusing his mother Mia on child abouse.

It’s Time to Break Up Facebook - POLITICO Magazine

" Facebook is, to put the matter bluntly, a deeply untransparent, out-of-control company that encroaches on its users’ privacy, resists regulatory oversight and fails to police known bad actors when they abuse its platform."

Chances of China Trade Win Undercut by Trump Team Infighting

Lesley Stahl: Donald Trump Said He Attacks the Media “So When You Write Negative Stories About Me, No One Will Believe You”

Thomas L. Friedman: Trump’s Dream Come True - Trashing Obama and Iran in One Move

"Color me dubious that a president who has not been able to manage his confrontation with a stripper, or prevent leaks in his White House, can manage a multifront strategy for confronting Iran and North Korea and trade wars with China, Europe and Mexico."

Anti-Islam Movement Has New Rallying Cry — Let’s Delete Verses of the Quran

"On April 21, the Le Parisien newspaper published a manifesto “against the new anti-Semitism” signed by 300 public figures — ranging from former President Nicolas Sarkozy and former Prime Minister Manuel Valls to actor Gérard Depardieu and singer Charles Aznavour. According to the Atlantic, the manifesto states that “11 Jews have been assassinated — and some tortured — by radical Islamists” in France, and demands that “the verses of the Quran calling for murder and punishment of Jews, Christians, and nonbelievers be struck to obsolescence by religious authorities,” so that “no believer can refer to a sacred text to commit a crime.”"