From Lastfm to Librefm

I guess I’ve heard of librefm before, but I didn’t know that much. When a simple lastfm scrobbler on my android phone now offered to scrobble what I hear to librefm instead of lastfm I got interested.

I tried to integrate librefm in Clementine but that didn’t work. So I downloaded qmmp which is a fine player as well.

Then I copied every step from this instruction by Vinzv and copied my lastfm data to librefm (The instruction is in german but anyhow you just have to copy those single steps). I didn’t know how much there was. So meet me here and come to as well.

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Time zone problem in FlatPress solved

I found the solution to the problem of a time zone error on Heinrich Becker’s blog: Simply place


into your fp-includes/core/ Now flatpress works fine on which made me move my flatpress from the former adress to this location.

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FlatPress 1.0 Solenne

I updated this blog to the new version of flatpress and it occurs to me, I’m one of 154 people to have done so. Everything works fine so far, although I haven’t figured out what changed in general. Definetly many bugs will have been removed.

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Audio player for FlatPress

How fine, the audio player actually works for flatpress:


I corrected some lines in the former code ( there was one backslash too much and it didn’t work with PrettyURLs ). You can download it from here and just need to upload the unpacked zip-file into your flatpress plugin directory.

[ Download ]

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